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What is Student Loan Consolidation?

Student Loan Consolidation combines all of your current student loans into one.  After a consolidation has been completed, a borrower would only have to deal with one term, one payment, and one interest rate.  Consolidating your student loans gives you the simplicity of only working with one servicer as well as access to many more repayment options that you may not have previously qualified for.

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Will Student Loan Consolidation Lower my Monthly Payment?

Yes! How much will vary by the type of loans you have and the terms that you are placed with, but there are many ways consolidation can help lower your monthly payment.  Below is information on the 2 Types of Student Loan Consolidation.  Private Student Loan Consolidation and Federal Student Loan Consolidation.

Student Loan Consolidation


Unlike Federal consolidation, private consolidation can be done for both private and federal student loans.

The main advantage of private consolidation or refinancing is a new lower interest rate. A small drop in an interest rate can result in tremendous savings over the entire term of the loan. Lower rates are available for a several reasons such as:

  • Interest rates have dropped since the student originally took out the loans
  • The former student is now more credit worthy since they began repayment on the loans

Private refinancing is typically much more difficult to qualify for since you are essentially taking out a loan to pay off the old loan. Therefore, typically borrowers who can get qualified will receive the best benefit through a private refinance or consolidation. However, once you do privately consolidate your student loans, you will no longer be eligible for any federal forgiveness programs or consolidation. Both federal and private student loan consolidations can be very beneficial for many borrowers once you look at both options and see which will match best with your unique financial situation.

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"Before I came across Student Loan Help Info, I was struggling to pay $273 every month towards my student loans. A friend of mine referred me to this place and I was a little weary at first. The woman I spoke to was very helpful and informative, so I decided to move forward and they helped me get into a $0 monthly payment. Now my student loans are one less thing I worry about."
Roger P.


"Hi! I am Jessica. I graduated in 2010 with all the hope to build a career in teaching. My loans totaled over $40,000. I had a job at the time and didn’t make a lot of money so supporting my two kids wasn’t easy. I started falling behind with my payments and eventually fell into default. Luckily, I found Student Loan Help Info through an online search, and they were able to help get me out of default and into a forgiveness program. I couldn’t be happier!"
Jessica M.


"I have been disabled for quite some time now so I haven’t been able to work and pay my student loans off. I came across this student loan assistance company and the representative was very knowledge. Since I am disabled, I was able to get all of my loans discharged. I am so thankful I made the call."
Mitchell T.

Student Loan Consolidation F.A.Q

Can I consolidate my loans if I am in school?

Borrowers cannot consolidate loans until after they finish school are no longer in an in school status. Once you are finished with school, you are eligible to consolidate at any time.

How does consolidated affect my repayment options?

Consolidating gives you access to more repayment options as well as student loan forgiveness programs that can lower your monthly payment as well as forgiving your student loans overtime.

Can I consolidate if I am in default?

Yes, as long as you enter an income-sensitive repayment program or make a payment arrangement with your current servicer.

When do I enter repayment?

Your consolidated student loan should enter repayment immediately and you should receive your first bill within 60 days of the consolidation.

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